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So simple. So Tasty. So Boringly good. 

We make Nut milk. It's not going to change the world, but it is exceptional Nut milk

Almonds, water and a sprinkle of pink salt - you can't get more boring than that.  No fancy ingredients that we can't pronounce or complicated industrial processes.  It's Almond Milk made the way it should be - pure and simple.  And because it's so simple it tastes just like Almond Milk should taste.

And our flavours are simple too - just a bit of dates (no refined sugars here!), real fruit and whole food, plant-based ingredients like Matcha Green Tea. No need to add anything else when real, whole food tastes so good.

 You know when something is just so good, it's boring?  Well we bottled it.

Congrats on making the best almond milk ever!
— a fellow Almond Nulk lover
Dairy-free doesn’t have to mean Treat free!
— I am Dairy Free - Ireland
On the palate there’s a delightful almond flavour, gentle, sweet, beautifully balanced with dates and the merest hint of salt. Clean as well as positively delicious - we could drink quite a few glassfuls of this, simply for pleasure. But it would give a whole new dimension to cereal! This is purity of flavour and wonderfully made.
— Great Taste award judges 2017
We love the gentle almond flavour and the almonds have a sweetness and no bitterness. This milk has a really clean finish and we could see many uses for it.
Fresh and creamy and clean and most delicious!
— Great Taste Award Judges 2018