The first cold-pressed, cold-pressured non-dairy milk alternative in the UK and Ireland

But what is it?

Our Almond Nulk is the first cold-pressed, cold-pressured milk alternative in the UK and Ireland.   It's a Nut milk - get it?

What it's not.

It's not milk.  It's an alternative to milk.  Sure we could stuff it full of emulsifiers and stabilisers and man-made vitamins to make it even more like your usual pint of moo, but that's not how we roll at Boringly Towers. We think our Nulk stands alone as a delicious addition to your fridge - (it just happens to work in all the usual milky things - have you tried it with a garibaldi yet?)

What's different about it? Isn't it just like the stuff in the cartons? 

Ooh don’t get us started on this – we’re just totally different!  Many of the other brands have as little as 1.5% almond content in their so-called “Almond Milks”.  Our Nulk contains a whopping 10% Almond (and we add even more to get to that level!).  We choose the best raw Spanish Almonds and we lovingly soak them to activate all the saintly nutrients and yummy almond flavours.  Then we crush the living daylights out of them before pushing them through our cold press and squeezing them into our bottles. 

Now this is where we’re really different.  Most brands (even the ones in the fridge) take their milk and heat-treat it which pulvarises the nutrients and doesn’t do a lot for the flavour or texture either.  We won’t bore you with the details but we basically take our bottles for a high-pressured swim to kill the microbes while keeping the nutrients and flavours intact (see HPP below for a few more details). That’s it – no emulsifiers, stabilisers, flavourings preservatives or fancy ingredients. It’s brilliant stuff!

So what's in it?

It’s actually a little embarrassing – it’s so simple we feel silly saying it.  Its just three ingredients – (well two if you don’t count filtered water).  Its just nuts!  All we add is raw Spanish almonds and a tiny sprinkle of pink salt (and a touch of dates for sweetness if you opt for our slightly sweetened version).  Its hardly worth writing the ingredients label.  Sorry to be boring but we only add the ingredients that are absolutely necessary and that’s just nuts.

Surely all Almonds are the same?

Oh can we bore you about our Almonds? They’re very special you see.   Spain is the traditional home of Almonds and they still farm their unique varieties with traditional methods which retain the delicious flavours that you just don’t get in the rest of the world.  So we choose Spanish Almonds which lets us blend different varieties to make our almond milk extra delicious, creamy and nutritious.  

Our Almonds are also raw.  Most Almonds that come from America or Australia have been pasteurised before they’re allowed out into the big wide world.  Pasteurisation is fab – it kills bugs after all, but unfortunately it takes away most of the nutrients and a lot of the almond’s flavour.  So we use raw nuts in our Nulk and finish off the process with cold-pressure to get rid of the bugs.

Can I really use it instead of dairy?

The boring answer is Yes you can!

Unlike many plant-based milks our Nulk has a very gentle flavour (like dairy!) which works just as well in sweet or savoury dishes and drinks.  Here’s the boring science bit – because we haven’t ever heated our product, when you splash it in your tea or foam it in your fancy espresso machine, that’s the first time it’s been heated so the proteins in our Milk act very differently from other non-dairy milks. The HPP process also stabilises our Nulk so the fat globules are spread more evenly through the milk which makes it much less likely to split like some other products we could name.  Now we’re not claiming it’s never going to split, that would be impossible without adding all sorts of chemicals with long names that we can’t spell, but if our milk decides to separate a little, all it takes is a little swirl (or a vigorous shake if that’s what you’re in the mood for) to bring the world back together again.

Now we’ve got nothing against Daisy’s dairy but it’s nice to have another option that works just like your pint of moo.  Try a splash in your cup of tea, a nice foaming topping to your latte or in your gran’s cauliflower cheese recipe.  Boringly Good Nulk works in any application that you’d usually use dairy milk in.  Go on – try and prove us wrong!

HPP? Ya what??

Raw is great nutrition-wise but pure Almond milk is notorious for not lasting long in the fridge. To make sure our Nulk lasts about as long as your usual pint, we use a process called cold-pressure pasteurization (or HPP – High Pressure Processing).  Basically our bottles are put under the same pressure as at 6km under the sea. This deactivates the microbes that cause the milk to spoil, but doesn’t affect the nutrients or flavour.  It’s the same process that most cold-pressed juices have gone through and it means we can keep in your fridge for 10 days without any preservatives.

Why dates?

Sugar's yummy - we all like a bit of sweetness in our lives, but we think the less refined the better so for our slightly sweetened Nulk we use organic dates, just enough to bring it to the same sugar levels as dairy. Try it in coffee - it's delish.

Oh no! My Nulk has split!

Don’t panic! Separation is natural! It doesn’t happen often but sometimes Nulk can separate in the bottle or if it gets heated too quickly.  As long as it’s been kept in a fridge and it’s within its use-by date, it’s fine to drink.  Just give it a little swirl in the bottle or a stir in you coffee and it will all come right. 


Here’s the figures but we like to keep things simple – think of a handful of almonds – healthy? You betcha – so that’s basically what’s in your nulk. 

Original: (typical values per 100ml) Energy: 276Kj/67Kcal, Fat 5.9g (of which saturates: 0.6g), Carbohydrate: 0.7g (of which sugars: 0.5g), Protein: 2.7g, Salt: 0.1g

Slightly Sweetened: (typical values per 100ml) Energy: 294Kj/71Kcal, Fat 5.6g (of which saturates: 0.6g), Carbohydrate: 2.7g (of which sugars: 2.4g), Protein: 2.5g, Salt: 0.1g

Is it Vegan?

As vegan as lentils and kale (but we think a lot more delicious)

It’s also dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, paleo, grain-free, vegetarian, good-fats filled, celery-free…… the only think it’s not free of is nuts – it’s full of them!  The only thing we process in our factory is nuts.

Ouch – look at the price!

Yeah we know – we’re not cheap. But we wouldn’t want to be because we’re big believers in you get what you pay for. We’re the best Almond milk you’ll taste this side of a Spanish Almond grove and our philosophy is we shouldn't be asking why healthy food is so expensive but we should definitely be questioning how cheap food is so cheap.

Whether you invest in buying it everyday or keep it as a treat, you know that you’re getting the absolute best.  We think that’s worth it. 

Any other questions?

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